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Reliable Supplier Of CNC Metal Spinning Machine
and Metal Spinning Parts
Letiptop is a leading CNC metal spinning machines and metal spinning parts manufacturer in China, we have specialized in the spinning industry since 2008. For the past 10 years, we have been provided spinning service to many reputable equipment manufactures. Our CNC Metal Spinning Lathe Machines are virtually unlimited for long production needs. No job is too large or too small and all equally important to us.
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Our mission is to create high-quality, well-designed machines that I want to buy by myself.

Metal Spinning Parts

  • 0.3-8mm spinning thickness
  • MS, SS, Aluminum, Copper material spinning
  • 5-650mm spinning height
  • 10-1500mm spinning diameter

CNC Metal Spinning Machine

  • Spinnng capacity of Aluminum, Copper 8mm, Carbon Steel 6mm, Stainless Steel 4mm
  • 300-1500mm blank sheet for spinning
  • Spinning all kinds of spun parts in variety industries
  • The positioning accuracy is higher and stable.
  • Free tranining View all
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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Letiptop

  • High Quality
    Extensive experience allow us to create good quality CNC Metal Spinning Machine.
  • Competitive Price
    metal spinning technology support saves cost and provides free metal spinning parts samples.
  • Metal Spinning Service
    We provide customize the spun parts for customers.
  • Engineering Service
    Our experienced engineers design machines that minimize cost in the most efficient way possible.
  • Quality Assurance
    2 years warranty and lifetime technical are support for our machines.
  • Free Samples
    Free metal spinning parts samples are provided for clients

Access to Inspiring Collaborations

Thanks to TIPTOP. Their CNC Metal Spinning Machine makes my business very easy. As a distributor of metal processing machines in India, I confess that selling other machines makes my daily life like constipation.The prices are very transparent, and customers always bargain to lower my profits. Later, a customer who made the fans wanted me to buy a CNC metal spinning machine for him.I found several factories. But they ignore me so much due to I didn’t understand the machine very well andlooks no intention to buy the machine. Soon I found TITOP in Alibaba. They explained the working principle and sales skills of the spinning machinepatiently, and helped my customers solve the spinning technology problems they encountered in production. So my customer order 4 sets of CNC metal spinning machine soon. Most of my colleague said that when it is difficult to choose suppliers, definitely to choose one that you feel comfortable to cooperate. TIPTOP is really professional and supplygreat services and after sales.
Victor, Purchase Manager
Victor, Purchase Manager,Germany
I really don’t want to recommend such a good supplier to you If TIPTOP do not invite me to write the rating. I am afraid of my competitor to see it. I knew TIPTOP through YOUTUBE. At that time, our metal spinning machine has some problems which maybe caused by improper operation by workers. I cannot find the engineer to repair it. I am worry about production delay. So I try to send a video to ask the help on the communication platform. Originally, there was no hope. Two days later, TIPTOP contacted me and taught me how to repair the machine by the video. I follow them to repair and re-commissioning the machine. The machine starts to work again. It doesn’t even require paying expensive repairing charges. I visit them every time when I go to China. They are my friends.
Kmder, Distributor
Kmder, Distributor,India
We are furniture factory in Indonesia. Five years ago, our factory wanted to purchase a CNC spinning machine to make the table base and lampshade. Due to the limited budget and the first time to make the lampshade to test the market, so we looked for suppliers in China. But some suppliers sent me some sample which cannot meet our requirements. The surface finish and hardness that they sent is very poor. Finally, I met TIPTOP under the introduction by one of my friend. They quickly confirmed the style of the lampshade with me, and gave the drawings and suggestions. I received the samples after 6 days. These lampshades are our wanted to develop the market, and then I ordered the machine. The price was surprisingly lower than my budget. The machine worked smoothly soon after the installation and guidance under the help of their engineers. We also bring the lighting products to the market.
Rudy, Engineer
Rudy, Engineer,Indonesia
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Material: Aluminum Diameter:660mm Thickness:3mm Processing: Aluminum Spinning